Richard Gwilt - Historical Bows

“... the bow, the soul of the instrument ” (AbbĂ© le Fils, 1761)

I offer historical bows for all string instruments - the violin family (including viola da spalla), viola da gamba, and double-bass.

I specialise in ‘clip-in’ or ‘fixed-frog’ bows for the 17th. and first half of the 18th. century - although I can offer screw frogs on demand for the latest of these.

I make bows from indigenous (local European) woods, mainly for the first half of the 17th. century and also from the denser exotic tropical woods - snakewood, ironwood and pernambuco.

My passion is bows - and my goal is to make bows that simultaneously inspire, inform and keep out of the way! Bows that let you speak and sing directly, with no interference.

To see what I have to offer, have a look at the Bows, or for more information about the entire process (history, reasoning, material etc) cast your eyes over the Background.

To discuss more specific details, or if you would like to order a bow, you can contact me here, or at the information just below:

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